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Common Emotions.png

J.J. Hairston on Mental Health

Jekalyn Carr - On The Impact of Music on Emotional Well-being

Common Emotions.png
Common Emotions.png
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We partnered middle-school aged kids and their caregivers with mental health experts and musical artists like KAMAUU, to create an album of exclusive songs, inspired by the hidden emotions revealed in their conversations. The artists transformed these conversations to help kids express themselves

How Sweet The Sound is partnering with the Ad Council on their Sound It Out campaign to help parents use the power of music to connect with their kids about emotional wellbeing.

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  1. Learn About Emotional Wellbeing

Talking to your children about emotions and teaching them how to manage their emotional wellbeing can have a positive impact on their lives

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2. Improve Communication​

Tips and activities to build healthy and open conversation with your child.

4. Break The Ice And Start The Conversation

Use the interactive starter pack

3. Dive Into Specific Emotions

and Topics

Tips to help your child manage various situations and emotions.


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