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"How Sweet The Sound" is a national gospel music competition tour that celebrates the sound of gospel music across American communities.


Established in 2007 and originally sponsored by Verizon, "How Sweet The Sound" rapidly emerged as a significant platform in the American gospel music scene. The competition features choirs, soloists, praise teams, spoken word artists, and dance ensembles. Over the years, it has awarded thousands of dollars to talented contestants.


The national tour has expanded beyond the shores of America, marking its debut in Europe. For the first time, HSTS is excited to announce its 2023/2024 partnership with the iconic Royal Albert Hall.


At its core, "How Sweet The Sound" is deeply committed to authentic community engagement. Our partnerships underscore our dedication to meaningful causes, particularly mental health awareness within our communities. This commitment is highlighted by our collaboration with the AD Council in 2022/2023.

Stay connected with us for more updates and to be a part of our growing music community.

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