Tips On Songwriting

Music is a superb thing, granted but what really brings the touching reaction home to us all is a great song. Music is way too universal a term and it’s incredibly subjective, but a great song is a great song. The question is what makes up a song? A song can be said to comprise of melody and lyrics. There are thousands of gifted musicians and composers in the world making good music but only a handful of great songwriters. Songwriting involves a lot of process before a few lines of sentences can be mixed with a melody to produce an extraordinary song. There are different approaches to songwriting and this article is meant to offer you some helpful tips for songwriting.

HOW TO START WRITING YOUR SONG: getting started is usually the hardest part of the songwriting process. Some songwriters believe it is best to start from the central chorus of the song when writing your next song. This will help you get the hook and the key chord progression of the song which is needed for building the remaining lyrics of the song. Some songwriters also are of the opinion that you can start your song from the beginning or the hook. Some songwriters are also of the opinion that you can write the entire lyrics first and worry about the melody later on.

The fact remains that there are no specific rules on how to start writing a song. What works for one songwriter might not work for another songwriter and what works for one song might not work for another song. Let the song and your inspiration determine your starting point

FOCUS ON THE LYRICS: The lyrics of your song are unarguably the most important part of your song except you are producing an instrumental. Writing the lyrics usually is the most frustrating and difficult aspect of the songwriting for inexperienced songwriters. It is best to have a clear idea of what the song is about and you can then pen down what you want to get across in your lyrics.

KEEP RECORDS OF YOUR IDEAS: It is not an uncommon occurrence to come with a sweet melody only to forget what you did in a few hours later. Forget your ideas can be so frustrating and this is why it is important to record all that comes to your mind when all is fresh. You could record it in a jotter or notepad or even on the audio recorder of your mobile.

LET EXPERIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE: It is an amazing discovery to find out that some of the history’s greatest songs were about personal experience. Experienced songwriters draw on real-life events or traumas to ignite their creativity. You can also bank on your experience and feelings and put it into writing a song you would be proud of.

COLLABORATE WITH OTHER MUSICIANS: if you cannot pen down some lyrics then it is advisable to collaborate with other musicians. This will help you get a fresh and different perspective as well as get new ideas. This will, in turn, bring the best out of your music.

SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY: Keeping your song simple as first will help accelerate the songwriting process. It will also help you provide a basis and work out a structure for the song. Simplicity will make things less difficult and prevent you from over complicating your song from the start.